Beauty creams or Botox™?

– which really works?

I thought I’d keep this blog  simple by blogging about keeping it simple!

I am frequently asked something along the lines of ‘What is the best facial regime for me?’ Usually these are patients that have tried either lots of different products or spent a lot of money on expensive products and are wondering if they are having much effect.

It’s pretty simple really – the best proven ingredients to use are a sunscreen, Retinoic acid or Resveratrol. A lot of products have these ingredients in them BUT in order for it to be most effective they need to be at a certain concentration and you will find that a lot of products out there have either no easily found documented amount of these ingredients or the ingredients are at insufficient levels to be effective.

There are a lot of other ingredients that claim to have been ‘proven to work’ out there but what does that mean?

Proven to work by well-planned proper trials that would stand up to scientific scrutiny and have been published in medical journals? – usually not.
What about ‘Dermatologically proven’- well that’s a very ‘loose’ term and often when I see this I know it is not the general consensus of dermatologists but rather the opinion of one or a few ….

Botox is much more cost effective than creams

It has been estimated  that the average women in the USA will spend around $300,000 (yes 300 thousand dollars!) on beauty products in her life time. The average spend/day is between $4-$11.

I am not sure what the average spend is in NZ but I would suggest the best ‘bang for your buck’ by far is to minimize your spend on beauty products (that at best will give you some mild and if you are lucky moderate improvement) and instead spend your money on something that really does give significant results – like IPL or Botox or Fillers.

We have all these options at Encorė Cosmetic Cinic. Call and  book a free consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses.



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