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Have you considered having Botox but can’t justify it?…..

If you have considered having Botox in the past but haven’t quite managed to get yourself to your first treatment then maybe you could consider looking at the reasons for having this type of treatment from a different angle…

Patients will often  comment that they ‘I did not know how badly I needed Botox™ until I had gotten it’.

One of the commonest areas treated is the glabella area which is the area of the face between the eyes just at the top of the nose and the lower part of our foreheads. Treating the small muscles in this area results in patients not being able to look so glaringly at someone and not looking ‘concerned’, ‘worried’ or ‘frightened’ – a bit like this dog. Hence the term ‘Boo –tox’ has been coined.


So, it may be possible to justify your Botox™ treatment not in terms of something you are doing for yourself but from the viewpoint that it may help your interactions with others.

For example – children may go into a defensive mode more often is they perceive you are ‘always angry at them’. You may find yourself correcting children and others who claim you are ‘angry’ or ‘worried ‘when you are not.  It may be that your children are less reactive to your requests when your reactionary expressions are less dramatic!

Aside from the aesthetic benefits form a Botox™ treatment there is evidence of improved interactions with adults. For instance, the fact that you can no longer glower at your partner disapprovingly may be a good thing.

All this certainly makes sense and more research is being done on Botox™ and the psychological interactions that may be associated with its use.

So if you are struggling with justifying having Botox™ treatment for yourself then maybe you should do it for your children. If you decide you wanted to consider this type of treatment further come in for a free consult with one of our Cosmetic Nurses.You can also read more about Botox™ here



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