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Here we talk about  an option for Breast Reduction you must know about… 

Breast Reduction



I have been successfully performing breast reduction by Tumescent Liposuction (TL) for over10 years now and have treated hundreds of women. It is a great technique for a lot of women and I believe often by far the best breast reduction option.


Of course, it is not the best procedure for every woman every time but I firmly believe it should be the procedure of choice to consider for all women (particularly those over 30 years of age) seeking a breast reduction.

A lot of women probably go ahead with a surgical breast reduction without ever knowing there was an alternative they could have atleast considered….

So why choose one procedure over another? The reality is that there is no ‘perfect’ breast reduction procedure and what may well be the best breast reduction procedure for one woman may not be the best for another.

In the USA and other parts of the world there are now a number of plastic surgeons who prefer to do their Breast Reductions by TL rather than the traditional cutting and shifting procedure known as a surgical breast reduction. This is because it is a safer procedure with a faster recovery, less scarring (actually virtually none) and little chance of altered nipple/areola sensation – all of which are significant and common issues with a surgical breast reduction. A surgical breast reduction however will result in more of a ‘lift’ than reduction by TL and this, in my view, is really its only main advantage.

In essence, as women get older they develop more and more fat in their breast tissue. Even a number of teenage girls will have a reasonable amount of fat in their breasts that will allow TL to be successful. However, it is a more unpredictably successful procedure in young women. Once a woman is in her mid thirties and beyond there is almost always sufficient fat to allow a successful reduction by TL. Over the age of about 40 Tumescent Liposuction should always be effective.


So…. if you are considering a breast reduction you should atleast come and find out about the procedure from us. Here is a link to the procedure on our webpage


Remember it is NOT the same as having some liposuction under a general anaesthetic so you should only take your advice around this procedure from someone who has a lot of experience in performing it.


It is a procedure pioneered by Dermatological surgeons. Dr  Bellaney is one of only 2 such specialists performing this procedure in NZ.




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