End of summer blues….

A popular time to get some little ‘pick me up’ treatment!


The end of Summer Blues is a very common issue for many people. We see it at work, hear about it from our friends…. our clients. People everywhere are yearning for summer… in particular the holidays… to begin again. Transitions are hard and the end of summer can be a particularly difficult time of the year for a number of reasons.



From a symbolic level, the end of summer for many people often signifies the end of fun. Carefree summer days are over, early finishes on a Friday, no bonfires or barbecues to look forward to for at least another 6 months. It can all sound rather depressing really.  The temperature starts to change, we start losing light earlier, both of which can contribute to the end of summer blues.


The good news is that there is a remedy!


1. Reframe it: The idea is to think of life differently and try and put a positive twist on it. “Reframe” those negative or untrue thoughts into more positive ones. In other words, try and think about what you enjoy about autumn and winter rather then fixating on what you dislike about the end of the summer.


2. Look forward: Hot chocolate, wearing cozy jerseys, chilling out by the fire, catching up on that series you’ve been too busy to watch, going for long walks amongst the autumn leaves and not dying from heat exhaustion are just some of many things to look forward to!


3. Must-See TV: Your favourite television shows will be starting up again soon! And you’ll be able to snuggle down and watch a movie without feeling guilty of all else that you should be doing.


4. Plan your next trip: Research suggests that anticipation is often the most enjoyable part of an adventure. According to new studies, just thinking about a trip you plan to go on boosts happiness!


5. Embrace the opportunity:  Plan ahead! Work out what you don’t like about autumn and plan. Rather then falling back into old habits, create new ones that reduce stress.


6. Take the best of summer into autumn:  Give permission to yourself to take your summer mindset into autumn. Continue to have fun, eat fresh produce from the farmers market, read trashy novels, spend time outdoors, go for long walks and bike rides.


7. Reset your priorities:  Take the opportunity of returning from your summer break to build focus. Instead of catching up on emails and voicemails, this has been proven to be the ideal time to realign your priorities.


8. Come and see us at Encorė Cosmetic Clinic and treat yourself to some Botox®, IPL facial, Hair Removal or some Dermal Fillers!


And of course as always, smile.


Holly Carter, Appearance Nurse Specialist

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