Facial Reshaping part 1

Facial shaping with masseter injections. (Part 1).

The masseters are a bulky muscle located on the outer edge of the jaw. They provide power when we bite and chew and create a squaring of the face. Masseters are a common cause of broadening of the face as we age -the result of heavy use of the muscle. This can be caused by jaw grinding, a diet of tough chewy foods, as well as generalized aging. Genetics can also play a big factor here as a bulky masseter muscle often “runs in the family”, causing a more “Masculine jawline”. Some people find that the broadening of the lower face can throw off the balance of their facial features and prefer to have the muscle size reduced to create a softer more oval lower face. While some will opt for a surgical masseter reduction via a facial surgeon a much more cost effective and pain free option is available and very popular. It can be preformed in a half hour appointment, is minimally invasive, and doesn’t require any down time, meaning no time off work is required. However the treatment does take a while to become noticeable as the reduction depends on the prolonged relaxing of the muscle allowing it to shrink, thus slimming the face. Full results are visible at 3 to 5 months after treatment, where as surgical results can be seen as soon as the swelling goes down and the healing has completed.

The treatment is called anti wrinkle masseter reduction and is preformed by medical professionals using anti wrinkle products such as Botox™ and Dysport™.
These products are made of a protein that disengages the movement nerve signals from the muscle, preventing the muscle from contracting and thereby allowing it to relax and soften over time (this is known as muscle atrophy). By injecting these products into the masseter muscle (using between three and five small injections per side) we are able to relax the masseter thus preventing it from tensing and becoming larger and more bulky. The product lasts three months in the tissues, and it will prevent the muscle from over-acting and allow the muscle to shrink during this time, resulting in a narrowing of the facial shape.

If you would like to make a free appointment for a no obligation consultation to assess if this treatment is right for you with our highly trained registered nurses here at Encore, you can make a booking with our receptionist on 03 356 0214. Or you can book online via our website by following this link. https://encorehealth.co.nz/fresh-and-youthful/botox/

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