Injectables in Appearance Medicine

Injectable appearance medicine and high grade skin care. Complimenting treatments for effective results. 

Appearance medicine: How does it work?

         Appearance medicine falls under two main categories. 

  • Anti wrinkle injections (Botox™ and Dysport™)
    • Dermal filler for replacement of lost facial volume

         Over time the skin experiences “micro injuries” as the collagen and elastins are repeatedly damaged, and a wrinkle forms. Think of a piece of paper being folded forward and backwards, eventually you notice it will no longer return to its original smooth position and instead remain warped. Your skin experiences a similar effect. Anti wrinkle injections rejuvenate and sculpt the face by relaxing muscles in the face that pull wrinkles into the skin.

         Anti wrinkle injectionstemporarily prevent movement of the muscle in high movement areas such as the frown, forehead, and crows feet. Tactical and skilled placement of this product by a medical professional can create a very natural and understated rejuvenation of the face. The muscle is relaxed and allows the skin above it an opportunity to smooth out and have a rest, this results in softened lining and can help to decrease undesired resting expressions, such as frowning at rest which can make a concentrating person seem “grumpy” or “stressed”. The results typically last between 12 to 16 weeks and will then need to be retreated if you wish to maintain the effect. 

         Dermal fillersare gel type injectables made up of a sugar commonly occurring in our skin and tissue, this sugar is known as hyaluronic acid and it attracts water into the tissue, plumping and smoothing skin as well as hydrating it. This injectable gel can be used to fill in wrinkles and provide structure to the face. 

         It can be used in a multitude of areas where age related volume loss is common. For example cheeks, lips, lower facial lines, and nasolabial folds (the grooves travelling from the corner of your nose down to the corner of your mouth). Returning lost volume, structuring your face, and preventing the sagging of skin.   


For instance cheek filler can dramatically improve your jaw line jowling and help to soften your nasolabial folds by pulling the loose skin upwards, while also helping to accentuate the cheek bones, and even supporting under the eyes to reduce “eye bags”. Once again with skilful expert placement the results are natural, subtle, and very effective. The goal is to make you look refreshed not “fake” or “done”.

See my next blog on how Facials can complement injectable treatments.  

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