Photoageing- Sciton® BBL and the Encorė Cosmetic Clinic

It is a myth that most wrinkles are due to getting older – most of what we see in older skin is due to sun exposure! In fact, approximately 80% of facial skin ageing is attributed to the sun. This is called photoageing and is the main cause of uneven skin tone. Fortunately modern medical equipment like our Sciton® BBL can help reverse many of the signs of uneven skin tone.

When you tan, your skin produces melanin to block radiation from the sun. This is a way to prevent sun damage but by the time you see a tan the damage has already been done. Both tanning and sunburns are signs of skin damage and can contribute to premature ageing. Just take a look at the areas of your skin which don’t see much sun – perhaps your tummy, buttocks, and inner surface of the arms – the skin looks so much younger than sun-exposed areas.


Rays from the sun that affect the skin are UVB and UVA. UVB rays are shorter and usually cause burns. UVA rays are longer and penetrate deeper into the skin. This leads to a reaction that will prevent collagen from rebuilding correctly and will show as wrinkles on the skin.

A good candidate for BBL


When the sun’s UV rays penetrate the skin, they start process which cause the skin to age in the following ways:

1: Dry skin – As we age, the skin becomes drier due to loss of water within the skin. Glycosaminoglycans ( GAGS ) such as hylauronic acid are located in the dermis and assist in binding water within the skin. With UV exposure, GAGs become damaged and unable to function effectively.

2. Rough texture: with UV exposure, the skin becomes thickened and rough as the skin attempts to protect itself from further damage.

3. Wrinkles: When UVA rays penetrate the skin they damage collagen fibres, starting a process which leads to collagen breakdown and consequently wrinkle formation.

4. Looseness: When UV rays penetrate the skin, they start a process called elastosis, weakening the bond between dermis and epidermis. The elastin forms a compact mass and the elastic fibres break. This reduces the skins ability to deal with the consequences of gravity resulting in loose skin.

5. Reddened or sallow complexion: The blood vessels of the skin are damaged and start to decrease. This causes a slight reddening or yellowing of the skin tone.

6. Broken blood vessels: Genetic factors will make you more prone to broken blood vessels but damage to the skin from sun exposure will cause them to become worse.

7. Sun spots: Sun exposure can cause age spots, also known as “solar lentigoes.” An age spot is just a smaller area of skin that has pigmentation from repeated exposure to the sun.


So it is a myth that wrinkles are due to getting older – most skin ageing is due to sun exposure! See my blog on anti-ageing skin care tips to fight the signs of premature ageing!

Janelle Holton-Lowe

Appearance Nurse Specialist

BN RN Dip Beauty Therapy




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