Jawline Sculpting

Part 2. Treating jowls, slimming faces, and returning symmetry.

Chin and jawline filler is able to rebalance the lower face, targeting the deepening shadows of the lower face that are caused by reabsorption of bone and fat during the aging process. It can also lengthen the face to project a more oval face shape that both tightens the jaw line and softens a squarer face into a more oval shape. This transformation can be subtle but extremely effective at bringing a more youthful balance especially when the cheeks are treated in conjunction! Jawline filler does not necessarily mean creating a bigger jaw, instead focusing on balancing it and creating more delicately shaped proportions. It can even help to disguise the “double chin effect” by blending the below chin fullness into your profile. 

Encorė Cosmetic Clinic

The product that we use at encore is a firm and long lasting filler with a fantastic track record, a high safety rating, and has been shown to last in the tissues up to two years. It can be placed in a forty-five minute appointment and is minimally uncomfortable with minimal swelling and bruising post treatment.  Approximately two to three mls is required to gain a favorable result but this can vary from person to person. Your unique requirements will be assessed during a free consultation with our highly skilled and experienced registered nurses. 

If this sounds like something that you may be interested in then please give us a call to book an appointment on 03 356 0214 or you can book online at any time by going onto our booking page via this link

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Love from the team at Encore Health. 

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