Autologous Fat Transfer for Face/Hand Rejuvenation

Fat Transfer (correctly termed Autologous Fat Transfer or AFT) is the process by which a patient’s own fat is removed from one area (usually the abdomen, flanks or buttock), processed and placed into the areas of concern to the patient such as the face or hands. It can also be used in the lower eyelid, cheek, eyebrow and temple areas.

Fat transfer will restore the ‘fullness’ of the treated area that is usual in younger faces.

How does Autologous Fat Transfer work?

Fat is removed with a very minor tumescent liposuction procedure. Typically, a small amount of tumescent anaesthetic is placed into the fat around the abdomen or buttocks. Approximately 20-50mls of fat is removed. This process is usually very well tolerated.

Once the fat is extracted it is prepared for transfer and placed into small vials. The area/s of fat loss to the face are marked out and local anaesthetic is placed at a few specific locations on the face. A period of waiting will occur while the anaesthetic numbs the nerves suppling the skin to the treated area. It can take 10-30 minutes to treat each area. It is usual to feel a sense of pushing and pressure during this time but it should not be painful.

Any area of fat loss can be treated, including the cheeks, temples and eyebrow areas.

Autologous Fat Transfer or AFT requires the establishment of blood supply to the transferred fat in order to become permanent. Fortunately in the area below the eye, most of the fat injected remains permanent and so only one to two treatments are generally needed. In other areas often only 20-30% of the fat transferred remains permanent, so four to five procedures may be required for the best results.

How long does the procedure last?

Unfortunately the ageing process and slow loss of our facial fat continues despite surgery! However, the fat replaced by AFT generally takes many years off the appearance of a patients face.

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