Skin Boosters

I have been waiting for something like this to become available for a long time.

We have of course got Botox and good fillers that can address specific lines. However until skin boosters came along I had always found treating areas of crepey ( not creepy!) skin and volume loss had limited options. Prior options such as laser resurfacing or fat transfer are more than a ‘walk in walk’ out procedure. Fillers helped but often to use sufficient filler was very expensive.

These skin boosters improve both skin tone, crepey skin and add volume . To me the beauty of them is that they are not a treatment to specific wrinkles but rather a treatment that addresses entire areas of the face including the wrinkles within those areas. The skin of the mid cheek and jawline areas is one of the most common places to treat with these.

The other area where it is in ‘demand’ is to treat those ageing hands, across the upper chest and forehead/crows feet areas. I think they will be here to stay and will become very popular.

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