Why rebrand as Encore Cosmetic Clinic?

We have rebranded our cosmetic medicine clinic…

We have rebranded as the Encore Cosmetic Clinic which is part of Encore Health. Why? Well we felt our prior name ‘the Liposculpture and Cosmetic Clinic’ was a cumbersome name and did not really mean much.

We wanted a name that captured the essence of the  service we offer to  our patients.  The word Encore conveys that our treatments  ‘surpass the ordinary’, are done in a very professional manner and result in happy patients that will want to have further treatments with us when and if, necessary.

Encore Cosmetic Clinic employs only Registered Nurses as treatment providers so patients can be assured they are being treated by very qualified therapists. A comprehensive range of cosmetic medicine treatments are available at our clinic. The clinic is run by Dr Grant Bellaney a specialist Dermatologist who has been performing cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Dermal fillers since their introduction to NZ in the early 80’s.


We will be blogging on a regular basis and have  an  active Facebook page and brand new website https://encorehealth.co.nz

Until next time…The Team at Encore Cosmetic Clinic.

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