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Why choose our specialist Christchurch Botox Clinic?

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Christchurch Botox Clinic

Encorė Cosmetic Clinic’s specialist Christchurch Botox Clinic is run by Dr Grant Bellaney, a Dermatologist who has been performing Botox® treatments since they were first introduced to New Zealand in the early to mid 1990’s.The use of Botox® for cosmetic purposes such as treating wrinkles and crows feet was pioneered by Dr Carruthers a Canadian Dermatologist.

Botox® was originally developed in the 1970’s to treat crossed eyes. It soon proved effective for a range of conditions including eyelid twitches, muscle spasms, excessive sweating and migraines.By chance a Canadian Dermatologist, Dr Alistair Carruthers was married to Jean an Ophthalmologist. Jean was using Botox® for occular issues including eyelid twitches and soon patients began commenting that some of their wrinkles had improved.

The pair realised that Botox® could be used to treat the small facial muscles that are largely responsible for frowning, crows feet and forehead lines.


Although since that time other practitioners such as beauty clinics, appearance medicine doctors, pharmacies and dentists have taken up the use of Botox®, we believe it is in your best interest to have Botox® treatments either with or under the supervision of, a Dermatologist.

As a Dermatologist Dr Bellaney is in a privileged position to be able to oversee the running of the Encorė Cosmetic Clinic. All Botox® treatments at our clinic are performed either by Dr Bellaney or one of our highly skilled Registered Nurses who have been trained by both Dr Bellaney and other Botox® recognized trainers.

You will find our Christchurch Botox Clinic to have a friendly, relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Our treatments are able to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damaged skin, restore a more youthful appearance to your skin -all with the aim of helping you look great and feel better about yourself.


How do I know where the best place for Botox® in Christchurch is?

Botox® is used to treat several billion people a year worldwide. It has and extremely good safety profile. There have been no serious side effects when used for cosmetic purposes at the correct dosages.

Some of the more troublesome side effects such as eyebrow droop and significant bruising are usually related to the technique of the injector. Botox® is only available in New Zealand on a medical prescription. For both these reasons it is important to ensure that you are having treatment performed by a well-trained, medically qualified practitioner and that you are receiving genuine product – there are now a number of fake or inferior products entering the NZ market.

With a wide variety of places offering Botox® in Christchurch here are some guidelines as to what to look for when choosing where to go for Botox® in Christchurch:

  • As it is a prescription only medicine you should be at a medical practice where there is a doctor involved. If you are not, then you need to ask where the clinic is getting their Botox from. Often the clinic will be obtaining their Botox via a third-party doctor who does not work from the clinic and likely has had no input into the staff or their training.
  • If you are not at a medical practice, then also ask if the ‘Botox’ is a genuine product
  • Once you are happy that the Botox® is genuine and there is an actively involved doctor associated with the clinic, we believe you should make sure that doctor is a Dermatologist experienced in the use of Botox®
  • You need to feel welcome, safe and relaxed in the clinic and confident that the injector is well trained, professional and experienced.

Is this Botox® Clinic near me?

We are located on Bealey ave next to Triton Hearing and close to the 24 hour surgery. 

Click here to find us on the map 


Tailored Treatments and Consent

Prior to treatment we will discuss the process with you, the likely outcomes and possible side effects that could occur (these are almost always minor and short lived but you should be aware of all of these).

Informed consent is obtained before embarking on your treatment.

Our approach to treating patients is not one of ‘one treatment fits all’ but rather a tailored approach that takes into consideration a number of factors such as the effect you wish to achieve and other muscles near the treatment site that could affect the results.

We try to make our patients look and feel younger and more relaxed whilst maintaining a natural appearance aiming to avoid the ‘frozen’ appearance that can often occur if patients are over-treated.

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Our Christchurch Botox Clinic Team


Christchurch Botox Clinic Encore Health Grant Bellaney

Dr Grant Bellaney

Dr Grant Bellaney has been diagnosing and treating skin cancers for over 20 years and has removed well in excess of 15,000 skin cancers. He also has a special interest in skin and fat surgery. Dr Bellaney graduated from Auckland Medical School, New Zealand in 1987.

Julie Hansen BN,RN

Julie is an Appearance Nurse Specialist. Having completed her nursing as an adult student , she joined our practice in 2019.

Julie has been interested in the cosmetic industry for many years and this, combined with her registered nursing degree and injector experience has made her an ideal person to join our team.


Rowena Kerr BN, RN

Rowena is an experienced appearance medicine specialist, and a registered nurse with over 5 years experience predominantly in the operating theatre including specialising in plastic and pediatric surgery. She joined us in December 2019 already experienced in cosmetic nursing including lasertherapy, advanced injecting, and collagen induction therapies.

Christchurch Botox Clinic Encore Health Nurse

Liz St John

Liz is a Registered Nurse with a wealth of surgical nursing skills. She has worked alongside Dr Bellaney for nearly 15 years. She specializes in assisting Dr Bellaney during Tumescent Liposuction, Facial Laser Resurfacing, Eyelid surgery and other cosmetic surgical procedures.


Prue and Tania

Prue and Tania are our Medical Receptionists and account team
It is likely you will meet one of them as you enter our clinic

Christchurch Botox Clinic Encore Health Admin


Kylie is our Social Media Manager, you will see her at the Clinic on Fridays. Kylie has a background in digital design, online media & photography. In her free time if she isn’t with her family and friends you will find her with her camera in hand or on her computer.


Free Consultations with one of our Appearance Nurse Specialists at our Christchurch Botox Clinic

Both Holly and Janelle have consultation slots available to discuss the areas you wish to have treated and come up with a tailored treatment plan. These initial consultations are free but need to be booked in advance by contacting our rooms.

Call us today to arrange a consultation.

Christchurch Botox Clinic Encore Health Reception