Botox Cost Christchurch

How much does Botox cost at Encorè Cosmetic Clinic?

When looking at the cost of Botox® treatments it is crucial that you take into account:

a. How many Botox units are being used?

This varies between various Botox® clinics and often clinics with cheaper prices are using less units (which are often less effective) or an inferior non-genuine Botox product. For example, a minimum of 20 units of Botox® should be used when treating most crow’s feet areas but the amount used at clinics may vary from 10-25 units.

b.The expertise, experience and professionalism of the injector

c. The size and site of the areas to be treated

Not everyone’s armpits are the same size so people with larger armpits will require more Botox®

d. Your sex

Generally, males will have more muscle mass in many of the commonly treated areas. Because of this, in order to be effective, males will usually require an increased number of units to treatment sites.

Botox® costs at Encorè Cosmetic Clinic 2018:

Typical Dosage UnitsCost $
Axillary (armpit) sweating50-60900-1200
Sweating of the palms or soles
of the feet with local anaesthetic blocks*
Bunny lines5100
Chin dimpling5-8100-150
Crow’s feet 20350
Eyebrow lift15275
Facial flushing*10250
Facial shaping (Masseter muscle treatment) *50-60800-1000
Forehead **20350
‘Grumpy’ lines (Glabella area) **30500
Gummy smile *5-7150-200
Lip lines5100
Mouth corners5100
Neck Bands*30-60475-950
* Treatment only performed by Dr Bellaney, Dermatologist
**Typical male dosage will be 30 units and cost $ 500