IPL Hair Removal

 Is IPL Hair Removal with our Sciton™ BBL hair removal worth it?


After 13 years in the beauty industry I have to say that unwanted hair has to be one of the most annoying things that clients have to deal with – people spend so much time and money on hair removal treatments only for it to just keep coming back! So if you’re a fan of that silky smooth, fresh hair free skin, then no doubt you’re curious about IPL hair removal – the hair removal treatment that will get rid of unwanted hair for good!

Is it worth it for me?  The IPL hair removal  device we use is the Sciton™ BBL. It is a medical grade IPL machine and is only available in medical rooms. It works by targeting melanin in the hair. The  light energy follows the hair down to its root and damages the cells which create hair. Once treatment is complete, some of the hair will never grow back, but some hair may still need intermittent treatment every now and again. Any hair that regrows will likely be finer and grow more slowly than the original hair. Seriously my under arms as as smooth as fresh baby skin after Sciton™ BBL hair removal treatment!IPL Hair Removal

Is it worth the pain? As an ex-Beauty Therapist, let me assure you – it does not hurt anywhere as much as waxing or electrolysis!! Just thinking of that ripping feeling from waxing sends shivers up my spine! And electrolysis – a hot probe into each and every individual hair – no thanks! My IPL hair removal clients are far more comfortable than my old waxing and electrolysis clients. Sciton BBL hair removal feels like a quick hot pulse – heaven after years of torturous wax treatments! For those of you on the sensitive side (like me!) we also offer an effective numbing cream for you to apply 30 minutes before your treatment.

Is it worth the price? Although Sciton™ BBL laser hair removal is more expensive than a pair of tweezers, razors, at home wax strips, salon wax sessions and electrolysis, you’ll save yourself money in the long-run as it is a permanent reduction in hair growth! And lets spend our time on better things – I get clients who have been spend hours tweezing facial hair EVERY DAY! In my experience, you get what you pay for – I have worked with other lasers in my time and Sciton BBL is medical grade technology which yeilds superior results compared to low end IPL machines – so skip those Grab One deals and come and see us at Encorė Cosmetic Clinic – trust me, it will be worth it!


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Janelle Holton-Lowe

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for Encorė Cosmetic Clinic

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