Chicago and the AAFPRS conference


I have just returned from the AAFPRS conference in Chicago. AAFPS stands for the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


It is an interactive conference with dermatological surgeons, occular plastic surgeons, ear nose and throat surgeons and general plastic surgeons with world experts in all these areas present. It was a fantastic conference that was purely about cosmetic procedures. It was entitled ‘ Facial Rejuvenation:Mastering the techniques’.


There were many topics of interest to me and having never been to Chicago it afforded the opportunity to look around this great city and subsequently explore further south as far down as Mississippi where the blues genre of music arose from.


Hair Removal
Clarksdale Mississippi

Arguably Chicago has the most impressive skyline in the USA  and I can see why.Hair removal


Botox™ and  dermal fillers  were widely discussed as were the latest techniques in face, eyelid and neck lift procedures. Silhouette™ suture face lifting is becoming very popular and produces nice results that seem to last atleast a couple of years. It is something we are going to be looking at introducing to our practice.


As part of our ongoing ability to continue practicing medicine we have to attend these international conferences on a regular basis. It always reassuring to see that the standard of care we can offer our patients in New Zealand is of a very high level. That said, there were a few ‘snippets’ I picked up that we will incorporate our practice at the Encorė Cosmetic Clinic.





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