Facial Reshaping – part 2

Facial shaping with masseter injections. (Part 2).

In the first blog on facial reshaping we talked about the backgound reasons for broadening of our faces and the use of Botulinum treatment to alter the facial shape by reducing the size of our Masseter muscle.

Results of treatment can normally be seen three months after the first injection once the muscle has had time to become smaller from inactivity. For more minor cases a single treatment can last years as the muscle takes quite a long time to rebuild to its original size and strength, however in many cases to make your results more long lasting the treatment should be re preformed at between 3 and 6 months to re weaken the muscle and allow it to continue atrophying and make the muscle relax for even more time to become as weak as possible. After repeating this treatment a second time results can last for several years and can be maintained with the occasional “top up” single treatment every 2 to 3 years to prevent the masseter from regaining its original bulk. Individual results may vary

This treatment does affect your bite strength but it doesn’t result in excessive weakness and maintaining a normal diet is still easily achieved. In fact this treatment is often very popular for those who suffer from jaw grinding and all of the issues that accompany it! This is because a side effect of masseter reduction injections is weakened bite strength to a point where the jaw grinding can be softened and less problematic. Clients even report waking up feeling more rested and refreshed after having this treatment as they had been jaw grinding in their sleep and waking with jaw pain and interrupted sleep.

If you would like to make a free appointment for a no obligation consultation to assess if this treatment is right for you with our highly trained registered nurses here at Encore, you can make a booking with our receptionist on 03 356 0214. Or you can book online via our website by following this link. https://encorehealth.co.nz/fresh-and-youthful/botox/

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