Just like cars – not all IPL’s are the same…

IPL’s are just like cars –  they are not all  the same…


All Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines are not the same. As a consequence they have differing effectiveness and side effect profiles.


I sense there is a lot of confusion out there in the marketplace and am constantly hearing that IPL is a type of Laser. The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. IPL machines neither amplify or stimulate light but rather use filters to allow light of various wavelengths to enter the skin.


So…. IPL devices are not Lasers.


Just like buying a car, you ‘get what you pay for’ when purchasing a IPL. Lower end machines can be purchased for a few thousand dollars.


Like cars…

not all IPL’s are the same!


In order to get a IPL machine that has features to maximize patient safety, comfort and effectiveness up to around $100,000.00 is required for purchase. There are many patients who may have had a previously unsatisfactory experience with IPL but who would respond well to IPL using a ‘higher end’ device.


Of all IPL machines I consider the Sciton™ BBL to be the most effective.  It has been called a BBL instead of a IPL largely in order to differentiate it from other IPL machines. It has a number of features not found in most or any other IPLs which allows a very individually tailored approach to be taken. Patient safety, comfort and effectiveness are maximized.


Our clinic liaised with many world experts prior to purchasing our Sciton™ BBL. It is widely considered by these experts as the most consistently effective device in their practice for treating facial vessels, brown spots and redness. What’s more it has been shown to maintain a more youthful appearance of the skin for many years.


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